Rhinoplasty – Nose Job near Toronto

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery. The purpose of this procedure is to refine the shape and size of the nose so that it fits naturally with the rest of the face.

If rhinoplasty is your surgeon’s specialty, this can provide the best chances of achieving the results you desire.

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About Rhinoplasty

During the rhinoplasty, work is done on the cartilage and bones forming your nose’s structure. Sometimes, some of those bones need to be modified to straighten your nose and make it narrower. When the size of your nose needs to be increased, this procedure can be performed using the cartilage of your nose or ear. Occasionally, a synthetic implant can be introduced to obtain a more subtle result.

In most cases, the incisions will be placed inside your nose so they are not visible. In some cases, an open-approach rhinoplasty is performed using a short incision made through the skin between your nostrils.

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Joseph A. Korkis, MB, FRCSC, FRCSl, FRCS, FCAFPS, offers Nasal and Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgery in Burlington Ontario.
Since 25 years, Dr. Korkis brings artistry, expertise and specializes exclusively in Plastic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery, Revision Rhinoplasty in closed technique (no surface scar). Dr. Korkis is a renowned leader in the surgical evaluation and the minimally invasive treatments of Snoring and Sleep Apnea with such as the Pillar implants, Laser surgery etc.

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Consultation for Rhinoplasty

During your consultation for rhinoplasty, Dr. Korkis will perform an external and internal examination of your nose. The quality of the skin, as well as the size, the shape, the profile and the tip of the nose, are important characteristics that must be carefully studied. It is recommended to have a clear idea of the desired appearance of your nose while keeping in mind the limits of cosmetic surgery. Sometimes, chin augmentation or eye lift surgery (blepharoplasty) surgeries helping to delay the signs of ageing can be performed during the same session to achieve a more enjoyable facial balance.

After Your Surgery


When the operation is complete, a small splint is placed on the nose and removed approximately a week later. Effects such as swelling and discoloration around the eyes tend to subside after a week. If you feel well, you can go back to work one to two weeks after surgery and use makeup at your discretion. Sometimes the swelling can last for weeks or even months in some cases.

In addition, numbness of the skin and mild nasal obstruction may occur, but these effects are usually temporary. Sometimes revision surgery may be necessary to refine the result. Given the complexity of the procedure, Dr. Korkis will discuss this at length with you during the consultation.


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