Non-Surgical Injection Rhinoplasty – Nose Job near Toronto

Rhinoplasty is without a doubt one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the country. However, with an average cost of several thousand dollars, few patients can afford to improve the appearance, shape or style of their nose.

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About the Non-Surgical Injection Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical procedures using nose-loading are simple treatments performed at the clinic. Here, we use Juvederm as a nonsurgical rhinoplasty filler. The use of Juvederm does not differ from the fillers used in other areas of the face. A first consultation is necessary before starting the procedure, it usually lasts only fifteen minutes.

Non-Surgical Injection Rhinoplasty near Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton

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Triple Board Certified by Three Different Colleges in Three Countries

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Otolaryngologist – Head and Neck Surgeon

Joseph A. Korkis, MB, FRCSC, FRCSl, FRCS, FCAFPS, offers Nasal and Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgery in Burlington Ontario.
Since 25 years, Dr. Korkis brings artistry, expertise and specializes exclusively in Plastic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery as well as Revision Rhinoplasty in closed technique (no surface scar). Dr. Korkis is a renowned leader in the surgical evaluation and the minimally invasive treatments of Snoring and Sleep Apnea with such as the Pillar implants, Laser surgery etc.

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Financing Options for Non-Surgical Injection Rhinoplasty

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What to Expect?

Dr. Korkis injects the filler after preparing the area with a topical anesthetic. Then, a light massage of the injected area is done to mould the load in place. Juvederm is injected into various areas of the nose depending on the problem you want to correct. Many people resort to non-surgical rhinoplasty to disguise a slight lump on the bridge of their nose, increase the height of their bridge or remodel the tip.

Pros Include

  • Reversible
  • No down time
  • More affordable than surgery
  • Allows to try a different nose before undertaking a surgery
  • An alternative for patients who have had previous surgery

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